This one's for you

I never knew what intimacy was
Until I tasted you on my lips,
And until I saw your eyes roll back
Sighing the song of pleasure
As our tongues danced together.
Two bodies, sculpted for each other
Pieces of puzzle fitting perfectly
As your fingers planted themselves
On my bare skin,
Leaving the marks of love, burning
And etching your presence
With every touch.
Pillow talk came later,
Spilling secrets, sharing the deepest parts of our brains
Over smudged lipstick and messy hair
And the smell of sex in the air.
You kissed my collarbones
And then my neck
And my back.
And in that moment I understood
Why the night fell every time sun went away, and how bright the moon shined,
The way I shined after every time you dropped me off home,
After a long night of lustful, passionate

(from tumblr)