"Me into you"

Keren Moscovitch uses photography, video and collborative practice to explore issues of intimacy and relationships. She lives and works in New York City where she teaches at the School of Visual Arts. Her monograph Me Into You was published in the summer of 2012, featuring 35 images and an essay by photographer Allen Frame.

"Every relationship is a folding of one person into another. Me Into You explores the experience of becoming one with someone else, and where lines dissolve between individuals."

This one's for you

I never knew what intimacy was
Until I tasted you on my lips,
And until I saw your eyes roll back
Sighing the song of pleasure
As our tongues danced together.
Two bodies, sculpted for each other
Pieces of puzzle fitting perfectly
As your fingers planted themselves
On my bare skin,
Leaving the marks of love, burning
And etching your presence
With every touch.
Pillow talk came later,
Spilling secrets, sharing the deepest parts of our brains
Over smudged lipstick and messy hair
And the smell of sex in the air.
You kissed my collarbones
And then my neck
And my back.
And in that moment I understood
Why the night fell every time sun went away, and how bright the moon shined,
The way I shined after every time you dropped me off home,
After a long night of lustful, passionate

(from tumblr)

Time Machine

Soundtrack for a film by Quentin Jones for AnOther Magazine in association with the Museum of London, featuring items from their Dress & Fashion Collection by the very cool sound creators, WRKS. Theme of London history, heavily tweaked samples of the church bells, 17/18th Century song London Is A Fine Town and a dub-stepped version Maybe it’s Because i’m a Londoner… all inspired them to create the sound together for this crazy-cool 'Time Machine'

Christopher Nunn

Christopher Nunn is a Yorkshire based photographer who is currently working on personal projects throughout the UK and Europe. He received a BA in Photography from Bradford University in 2004. His work has been exhibited throughout Great Britain and featured by numerous photographic resources.

Chris Nunn-9.jpg

These images are from his ongoing story - Edith

Shot in Edith's flat after her death during the process of clearing out her possessions, these images look at how the things we own tell our story.

Edith, a horder, compulsive spender and dedicated churchgoer, was repeatedly the victim of junk mail scams and fraudsters, lured by the false promises of winning and becoming rich. She became trapped in a complicated cycle of debt which continued until her death in 2012.

All these problems began after her husband died in 1994.


David Bowie - LOVE IS LOST 'Hello Steve Reich' remix from Denial of Service on vimeo

What follows is a 10 minute NSFW glitchy, raunchy and beautiful love making session to have been filmed to get lost in its glory.

In love with Paolo Roversi (forever)

"My studio is a rectangular room with a high ceiling, old wooden parquet flooring, and a large window facing north. It is like a tiny theatre with an empty stage, a space to be filled, a time yet to be invented, a proscenium where everything is possible, no trick disallowed, where neither seasons, nor days, not hours exist. Here all temporal boundaries dividing live and imitation, reality and fiction, dissolve. Like any art worthy of the name, the most brazen lie can evolve into surprising and seductive truth. The furnishings are modest: two stools, a carport, some chairs, two or three lights, and an old blanket, which is my favorite backdrop. It can be a wall, a road, a field, sky, night, fear, wind… a screen for dreams. The studio is not only in this room; it is anywhere I put my camera on my tripod and my tripod on the ground, liberating my heart and mind. The studio is far more than a workplace or a tool of my trade. It is above all a state of being and feeling. The studio is everywhere. It is the corner of my mind. I have a very mystic and spiritual approach to photography, which I can't explain, and I don't need to. I like to keep things unrevealed, I like sometimes to lose myself into the indefinite. That often happens to me along the path of beauty, without every truly understanding where to proceed, and the further I manage to see, the deeper the mystery becomes. Photography goes beyond the limits of reality and illusion. It brushes up against another life, another dimension, revealing not only what is there but was is no there. Every photograph is an encounter, an intimate, reciprocal confession. I like long exposures to allow the should all the time it needs to rise to the surface, and to let chance have its way. Always, photographs surprise me; they never turn out quite the way I imagine they might. Every photograph enters the world as a sign of hope. It is late, very late. Everyone has left, and a strange silence has descended. I wander aimlessly around the deserted studio trying to bring some order to ideas and objects, but the natural and permanent chaos exerts its power. I put on my jacket, turn out the light, and close the door. But where does the light go? Silence… Darkness is the light's silence."


Peter Jansen Resort 2014

Jensen’s muse for resort was actress Paulette Goddard in her later years as a rich, bejeweled widow, hanging out with Andy Warhol. Jensen worked abstract prints of playing cards, hearts, spades, clubs and dice onto sleeveless tennis dresses and Forties-style crepe de chine dresses, flat-front trousers and oversize mannish coats.